Cool mobile gadgets you should never miss

It is true that the modern-day market is flooded with a large range of mobile gadgets. Those gadgets are introduced to make your lives easier, exciting and entertaining. With that said, we intend to introduce some of the coolest mobile gadgets you can purchase for your personal use or as a gift for someone special.


  1. Mini X3 Phone projector

Undoubtedly, this is among the coolest mobile gadgets you will ever come across. In general, the term ‘Projector’ sounds pretty bulky according to conventional thoughts. However, this mini phone projector is manufactured with a very compact size (in fact, it can easily fit in a regular-sized pocket). Moreover, it has wireless functionality so you will not have to deal with the mess of wiring. This small but powerful gadget can mirror your mobile phone’s screen to a surface and thereby increase your entertainment fun. For instance, it can be used while playing games, watching movies and reading online. The weight of this projector is 200 grams (approximately and that explains how compact the size is. This is an ideal gift idea for a movie enthusiast.


  1. USB Leather Cable Bracelet

If you are a wearable accessory enthusiast, this can be an ideal addition to your inventory. This USB cable is designed in the form of a bracelet so you can wear it wherever you go. The cable has a leather finish so the classic appearance is there. When it comes to functionality, it works as a wearable bracelet as well as a charging cable. It is designed to be compatible with mobile devices. You can use it to charge your mobile device conveniently with this useful accessory. In addition to that, it is made to be lightweight and comfortable so no irritation will be there on your skin.


  1. Portable Solar Power Bank

This is a very useful gadget that can contribute to an eco-friendly lifestyle as well. Compared to conventional power banks, this product functions in a different manner. This power bank doesn’t require any direct electricity because it gets charged through solar power. It features a power of 20000mAh and that’s a very decent amount for a good portable power bank. You can use it during emergencies and power outages. Thanks to the waterproof casing of this power bank, you don’t have to worry about using it outdoors. Such a feature makes it an ideal accessory for camping and other outdoor activities. In addition to that, it has a special SOS distress signaling feature and a mini compass. If you have a friend who is enthusiastic about outdoor activities like camping, hiking, trekking, etc., this is an ideal gift for him or her.


  1. Mini Bluetooth Bass Speaker

If you are looking for a really compact-sized speaker that can be easily linked to your mobile phone wirelessly, this is a very good choice. It comes in an egg-sized casing assuring the compact size and portability. Even if it is small in size, it gives out a very good sound quality with crystal-clear stereo. The best thing about this speaker is that it is made to be weatherproof.


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